broken glass eyes

It’s obvious

This is all a big mistake. I’m a big mistake

how terrible it must be to never escape your memory // r.i.d

how terrible it must be to never escape your memory // r.i.d

…i mean i’m a wolf to other people i’m all fire in between my 
teeth, i could crunch on your bones for breakfast
and still have time for tea and yet i can’t fucking 
tear you out of me.

-the best poet on here: inkskinned (via darius-the-cadillac)

haha i am not the best by far but i am glad you like my work you’re way too sweet !!! :) ahhh

(via inkskinned)

Will I ever get to sleep? The answer is no, probably not

how old were you when you figured out
the police don’t fucking care
about you

hey baby i don’t mean to start nothing
but hey baby aren’t the people we’re handing over
all the power to
supposed to fucking know
how to handle a rape case how to
process a rape kit how someone
could anally rape another without lubricant
i mean shouldn’t there be some kind of
fucking informational pamphlet like
“hey, fucker! get off your fucking ass
and protect the people like
you signed up for and don’t you dare
make this about what clothes they were wearing”

hey baby i don’t mean to start nothing
but last time i checked shouldn’t we
do something about how fucking racist stop-and-frisk
has turned out to be
no hate no hate but
isn’t the whole idea of that
to let an officer invade your space your privacy your
basic human rights to walk down a sidewalk unbeaten
or did they really think there’s such a thing
as non-biased profiling
i mean maybe i’m getting upset about
something small, right, it’s not like
a police officer would ever shoot an unarmed boy
In broad daylight

hey baby they protect and serve and i
don’t mean to throw any punches here
but how come when a police officer
grabbed my ass on a train i was supposed
to laugh about it how come
when my daddy refused to show i.d.
they handcuffed him in front of me
how come they’re putting young people
in prison cells
for dealing a little weed
while the people who have committed
rape and murder
walk completely free

hey baby i’ve seen cops
manhandle more of my friends
than actually deal with
real-life threats i mean
now i don’t mean to start nothing
but how exactly can we expect somebody
who spends most of their professional life
just handing out tickets for jaywalking
to act like a sane person when they finally get an opportunity to
stand behind a gun

i mean baby there are plenty on the force who are
good and strong and resent what’s going on
and i don’t mean to sound like
i’ve got bones to pick
when they’re who i’d call in the dark wet night

but baby
i been trained as a teacher, gun-free leader
who is in control of 24 lovable innocents
all of whom i would die for at a moment’s notice

hey baby isn’t the point of protection
that the police would be the ones in this position
so i wouldn’t have to worry about this
hey baby isn’t a police officer supposed to be
the most worthy of respect, somebody
willing to die just so we
can crawl in safe to bed

hey baby i don’t mean to imply that
we’re weaponizing the people who would
kill others just for fun
but hey baby if the police aren’t dying
to protect us
why exactly do we give them a gun?

I really really really pray for the good officers on the force. You do good work. I’m sorry your coworkers have turned your sacrifice into a joke /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)

"If you ever leave this house…." If? There is no if. I am definitely leaving.

I’m underwater this month. I’m
deep and dark, so every bit of
news that reaches me comes
sopping and soaked with water
itself. Everything bad seems
twice as heavy because it comes
with the weight of sadness that
is already all around me.

anne, on why I’m overreacting to everything (via anneisrestless)

I’m practicing quiet. I have
holes in my tongue, but
everyone around me seems
happier. I’m acquiring the
taste of sadness so I can
swallow it down instead of
sharing it with everybody.

anne, :)

There are as many beautiful
women in the world as there
are women. My grandma
loves bread crust, which is a
silly thing to put in a poem,
but one day someone will
cut me off because I’m not
to their taste and the next
someone will sigh relief
because I’m just what they
were looking for.

anne, "the crust has all the flavour." (via anneisrestless)